Blockchain in App Development

It is undeniable that blockchain is one of the most genius inventions in the current time. Blockchain is a record of data that is managed by computers that are not owned by a single entity. Each of the data blocks is secured and bound with each other using a cryptographic chain. Blockchain technology is decentralized, and as it is a shared ledger, the information is open for everyone. So anything built on blockchain is transparent, making everyone involved accountable.

What are the Blockchain apps?

Blockchain apps are decentralized applications that have no servers to play the role of intermediary between users. The Blockchain apps are resilient, distributed, and transparent applications that have the power to transform the technology, including the app industry.

How does it work?

A blockchain is a network that shares data among the people and stores it in the form of blocks in chronological order. In Blockchain technology, once the data is added to the chain, it cannot be changed, which makes the blockchain technology very hard to steal data from.

Benefits of Blockchain app development

There are many benefits of blockchain apps and some of which are:

  1. Easy transactions – With Blockchain apps, the transactions are fast and secure. It only takes five minutes to set up a blockchain wallet and allow the users to buy things using cryptocurrencies without any fees.
  2. Highly secure – Most of the banking apps struggle with security. Mobile apps are vulnerable and easy to hack. Hackers can steal your money through the Man-In-The-Middle attack during the transaction. Such attacks are impossible with Blockchain apps as all the data stored is decentralized.

Our dedicated Blockchain developers offer a whole range of Blockchain solutions to our clients. We have worked in many popular categories of blockchain technology applications like Games, Gambling, Wallets, Exchanges, Finances, Real Estate, HealthCare, Music Industry, IoT startups, and E-mobility.

Why us?

Blockchain changes the way you do business. We understand that it’s a big transition, and to make it a smooth transition, we will ensure that you don’t have to change your computing environment. Bring the bold new era of transparency and trust for your clients by incorporating our assistance and technology.

As we are market’s leading blockchain services provider, we can help you in building a scalable business network

Our Blockchain In-app development services

MVP consultation – We offer initial blockchain consultation service to our clients, which helps us in understanding their needs and in exploring the blockchain value proposition. Our development experts are updated with the new dApp market trends, so they are apt to analyze if your idea will succeed or not.

User interface – We use the most structured interface designing processes from ideation to prototype. Our award-winning user-friendly apps have delivered satisfaction and happiness to our clients since 2007.

Exchange development – We develop a highly scalable exchange platform as per the client’s requirements. The exchange platform can connect to various external exchanges through distributed shared order books and APIs.

Smart contracts – Our smart contract services include testing, writing, and deploying contracts on platforms like Neo, Ethereum, etc. We work in helping our clients to choose the right platform that fits their organization’s needs.

Storage – There is the availability of many cloud storage platforms that provide secure, efficient, and private cloud storage. Our team picks the right platform for our clients’ projects.

Upgrading services – After the application development process, it needs to be updated promptly to run the various business operations smoothly. Our team is experienced in deploying new smart contracts and in upgrading the microservices for the dApps.

Platforms our team works on:

  1. Ethereum – It is an open-source, decentralized public platform that works on smart contracts.
  2. Corda – Corda can help in building cross-industry apps using blockchain technology.
  3. Stellar – It’s the decentralized blockchain platform to build financial products.
  4. EOS – It’s a blockchain that supports industry-grade dApps.

Our team is so efficient that it will take only four weeks from start to finish completing the Blockchain app development process. We respond professionally to all your queries and Blockchain app development needs. We hold the expertise in whatever we do. We have served all kinds of businesses all around the world and offered them the solutions that they have always desired. We are ready to go the extra mile for you, but you need to take the initial step in the journey by discussing your Blockchain requirements with us.