Apple highlights Key iOS 11.3 Features


In new, iOS 11.3 one can feel thrilling ways to enjoy augmented reality on iPhone and iPad, completely new Animoji on iPhone X and the capacity to view health records in the Health application. Along with horizontal surfaces like tables and chairs, ARKit can now identify and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces like walls and doors, and can more precisely map irregularly shaped surfaces like circular tables. By applying advanced computer vision techniques to find and recognise the position of two dimensional images such as signs, posters, and artwork, ARKit can incorporate these real world images into rich AR experiences such as filling a museum with interactive artifacts or bringing a movie poster to life. The view of the real world via camera now has 50 percent greater resolution and supports auto-focus for an even sharper perspective. Animoji have been appreciated iPhone X users, who’ve used their voice and facial expressions to record and send Animoji messages and even create Animoji karaoke videos. Business Chat is a new tool for users to get in touch directly with businesses right within Messages. It is easy to have a dialogue with a service person, plan a meeting or buy items using Apple Pay in the Messages app. Business Chat does not divulge the user’s contact details with sellers and gives users the power to stop chatting at any time. The new Health Records feature combines together hospitals, clinics and the existing Health applications to make it easy for consumers to see their available medical data from multiple providers. Patients will have information from different institutions fitted into single view and receive timely notifications for their lab results, medications, conditions and many more. Health Records data is encrypted for security and protected with a password. Apple Music can stream all the music videos without being interrupted by advertisements. Support for Advanced Mobile Location (AML) to automatically send a user’s current location while making a call to emergency services in countries where AML is supported. With iOS 11.3, Apple computer is trying to impress more consumers with rich functionalities.